Domestic Helper Counselling Services

APL understands that every household is different and it can be difficult finding the perfect domestic helper to assist you in everyday chores. Some households may have dogs, young children, or the elderly and some may need their helpers to assist with cooking, some may not. However, APL has a big team of domestic helpers readily available to solve your household needs. Book an appointment with us now to let us help you find your perfect helper.

New Domestic Helper Arrival Pick-Up and Orientation

After arriving in a new country, a new environment to work in, people often feel anxious about their new surroundings. At APL, we provide airport pick-ups of your domestic helper and help provide them a warm welcoming orientation to help them ease into their new environment. Contact us now to arrange for a pick-up for your new domestic helper.

Embassies Documentation Submission Arrangement

There are a lot of procedures and paperwork to handle when arranging for the arrival of a domestic helper and often times it gets very tedious and troublesome. However, APL is a professional and expert in this field who have assisted more than 6000 domestic helpers in approving their embassies documents and work permit. Contact us now to get help on your helper’s embassy document submission.

Insurance Application and Claims

It is a necessity for all individuals working overseas away from their home country to obtain an insurance policy before they sanctioned to carry out any type of work. APL is a suitable agency to assist and guide you through this process. Contact us now for a hassle-free insurance application for your own domestic helper.

Air Ticket and Airport Transfer Arrangement

A common issue faced by many homeowners is that they are unable to arrange for transportation for their cleaners back at the end of their contract. Unbeknown to many, there are specific steps and procedures to send a domestic helper back to their home country. APL has successfully sent more than 6000 domestic helpers back to their home country after their services hassle-free! Contact us to arrange for your domestic helper’s  air flight now!

Medical Checkup Arrangement

APL understands that no owner should ever have to worry about their domestic helper’s health. The last thing any owner wants is to have a helper who’s always sick or even spread illnesses to their family. Here at APL we bring all domestic helpers through a series of detailed medical check-up to ensure that they are at peak health and have no health issues. Contact us now to get your domestic helper medically approved for work.

Work Permit and Passport Renewal

There are plenty of splendid domestic workers who were unable to work all because their work permit was disapproved despite their embassy documents approved, being at medically cleared for work. The work permit is a tedious paperwork to obtain. However, with 15 years of experience, APL has assisted countless domestic helpers and their owners to obtain a work permit for their favourite domestic helpers. Contact us now to obtain a work permit and passport renewal for your domestic helper.

Ex-Domestic Helper Re-Entry Permit Application

Has your personal domestic helper went back to her country and wants to return and work for you whereas you are equally eager to re-employ her but you don’t know how? APL knows just the right way to send your beloved domestic helper back into your home! Contact us now to let APL help you bring your helper back to you!

Transfer Maid Application

There are times when homeowners no longer need a domestic helper but are tied down to the contract which binds them to continue issuing the salary of their domestic worker. This issue can be solved by transferring your maid’s application to either a co-worker, another family member, or even a friend! However, proper procedures and paperwork must be made by an authorised party to do this. Here at APL, our team are highly experienced and are able to assist you with your maid transfer application easily! Contact us now to arrange for an appointment.

New Domestic Helper Recruitment and Application

Are you looking for your own domestic helper? Do you require a maid at home who can assist you with all your chores? This service is a package that includes all the necessary services and procedures to help you bring your own personal domestic helper straight to your doorstep. Package includes Domestic helper counselling service, Airport pick-up and orientation, Medical check up, Application for work permit, embassies documentation submission, and also insurance application. Contact us now to find yourself a suitable domestic worker for your home!

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